Best Electric Scooter vs Bikes For College

Best Electric Scooter vs Bikes For College. Are you a student looking for the best electric scooter or bike to reach the campus on time? It is hard for everyone to select one of them. These both offer many features that provide convenience to you. The best decision depends upon your riding style, budget, and the surface where you want to ride. Electric scooters and bikes are commonly used these days and are popular among all riders. A college student has many options for transportation. The two popular choices are electric scooters and bikes.

Best Electric Scooter vs Bikes For College

For a student, it is a challenge to find the right transportation. Some people like to ride bicycles and other prefer to ride with electric scooters. To determine which option is best for college students I will tell you the differences between these two from my own experience. In this article, we compare these two to identify which is the most suitable form of transportation for college students.

Electric scooters

Electric scooters are the best option when you want to reach your destination quickly. It easily reaches a good speed of 20 mph. Moreover, these are foldable that are easy to store. However, scooters are not the best choice if you want to ride on rough roads and hills. You can easily adjust the seat and brakes. You can also use the electric bike for commuting purposes.


Bikes or bicycles include additional features that are not available from electric scooters. You can use these bicycles to remain fit or for exercise purposes. It can be used to manually pedal the vehicle by using legs. Its efficiency level depends on how fast you will ride.

Factors on Best Electric Scooter vs Bikes For College:


Electric scooters are portable you can easily carry them to public places. You can also fold them easily. In college, it is easy for all students to carry them easily. You can carry up stairs without any effort. It is also the best option when you want to travel from one block to another in a college.

Easy to handle and store:

Electric scooters cost more than bikes. But many models are more affordable than motorbikes that need fuel. Moreover, it needs less maintenance. It includes plug and play system that is easy to handle. You don’t need regular service for your scooter. With its foldable feature, you can store them easily at home or in your college with you.


Electric bikes are more affordable than electric scooters. If you are low on budget then you can buy it. But you need more space to store these bikes. Additionally, they are heavyweight and not foldable so it is not a perfect choice for a college student.


When it comes to ease, with electric scooters you don’t need to pedal while riding. You need to just start the scooter and went away. Then it is an ideal choice for those college students who have less time and energy to reach campus.


However, electric scooters cost more than bikes but it also provides stability and smooth ride to the rider. If you are a college student then many universities offer a discount on fees depending upon the needs of the students. You can easily avail benefit from it to change the battery after some years.


Safety is the first principle that you need to consider before buying an electric scooter or bike. The new technology embedded many features that will secure the rider to keep safe while the whole ride. If you are riding on a busy street or road then your electric scooter or bike must include horns and brakes that will help you to easily tackle the distance. For a college student, it is also necessary to have included these things.


Electric scooters take 4 hours to charge completely. It is an important factor to keep in your mind before taking a decision. For a college student, it is important to reach the class immediately then a scooter with fast charging is a better option. With a bike, you will need to pedal and it takes much time to reach the class from one block to another.

Weight capacity:

Electric scooters are more lightweight than bikes. So, you should keep this in your mind before buying it for your college purpose. A lightweight scooter can easily carry and you don’t need much space to store it.

Personal experience with an electric scooter:

Here I am sharing with you my personal experience. I am a college student and love to ride this electric scooter.

Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter:

I have a good experience with this gotras XR electric scooter. I am using this scooter for 3 years. I ride it daily and come to my college. The big tires provide me with a smooth ride. I recharge it at night and use it the whole day. It is easy to carry. I fold it and store it under my table. For the next class, I unfold it in 3 seconds and ride it to reach the next block to take my class.

Moreover, its battery timing is good. It is easily recharged in 3 hours. Still, now it is in better condition. The material used to build this scooter is of high quality. I also recommend it to my friends to buy it. I live in a hostel that is far away from my college. It takes 10 minutes to reach the college at its fast speed. It also includes many features that make this bike sturdy.

Overall, the design of the bike is attractive. I like its handlebar that I can easily adjust according to my height. I love riding with it. I also recommend you if you are a college student looking for the best affordable scooter.

  • Small in size, so easy to carry and stored in the apartment
  • Light in weight, so you require less effort to carry upstairs
  • Electric scooters are quiet, so your roommates are not disturbed while riding them around

  • Expensive
  • Need charging after some miles of the ride

Personal experience with the bike:

Here I am sharing with you my personal experience with the bike.

Leader Xtreme 26T IBC Bicycle/Bike:

My experience with Leader Xtreme bike has been positive. It’s a ton of fun, and I bought it a year ago. This bicycle has more power than any other. It is simple to operate and performs best on all surfaces. Its fat tires also make it sturdy and enjoyable for all riders to ride on sand or snow.

It includes safety features that make this bike popular. I can simply stop and start the bike in any weather thanks to the front and back brakes. Additionally, the strips that are attached to both sides give us more security. Even at night, I feel secure and have a great time.

Overall, I exercised while riding this bike upright. I advise it to anyone looking for a dependable and strong bike. Additionally, it is reasonably priced and has a long lifespan.

However, it results best in all terrains but it is heavyweight than scooters that a college student can not carry it. It can not be folded and need more space to store.

  • Bikes are cheaper than electric scooters
  • Have long-range then scooters
  • Better for exercise, so if you want to remain fit it helps you to work out without stopping.

  • Bikes are difficult to store in less space
  • Heavier than scooters, you can’t take them upstairs

PROS of Bikes:

Bikes are cheaper than electric scooters

Have long-range then scooters

Better for exercise, so if you want to remain fit it helps you to work out without stopping.


Bikes are difficult to store in less space

Heavier than scooters, you can’t take them upstairs


Which is the lightest electric scooter?

Apollo Air is the lightest e-scooter. The weight of this scooter is 16 kg. It also has a foldable system. You can carry it easily in your college and can keep it under your desk.

Do college students use scooters?

Electric scooters are now popular nowadays in universities and colleges. Scooters are cheaper than cars and it is easy for a student to carry them.  If you are a college student, it is also the best choice. You can buy and enjoy your ride to college. You can also easily ride it on sidewalks and in a campus building.

What is the maximum speed limit for electric scooters?

You can easily ride with a good speed of 16mph on one charge. You can ride it on roads or cycle lanes. You have to avoid it riding on motorways or pavements. It needs to be charged properly after riding. A maximum of 4 hours is required for a scooter to be recharged fully.


Best Electric Scooter vs Bikes For College. Choosing between electric scooters and bikes is not a big task. You have to consider the following factors that I have shared in the article. After reading this article you will make your decision easier. I have also shared my personal experience with both of these. After my experience, I will recommend you buy an electric scooter for your college use. Other than this you can make a decision on your own which will suit you most.

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