500 watt vs 750 watt electric bike

You are confused about what kind of electric bike you should buy, either a motor with 500 vs 750 watt.

500 Watt Vs 750 Watt Electric Bike

Normally there is no difference between 500 and 750 watt electric bikes. But they are different from one another. Therefore, I discuss those electric bikes both with 500 and 700 watts of the motor. I also explain the key factors that you must go through from these to get a perfect electric bike for yourself. Afterward, your money will not get wasted and you buy a righteous ebike. 

Factors that consider before buying 500 & 750 watt of Electric Bike

More often people think that speed is the only element that matters in ebike performance. But actually, there is one more thing that makes any electric bike fast and that is torque. Speed involves pedaling but torque involves the motor performance of an ebike. However, some other factors also affect electric bike performance. 

Here I briefly explain those factors that affect 500 and 750-watt electric bikes. 


Ebike with 500 watts of motor offers you to ride your bike at the maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. Furthermore, 750 watts of the electric bike allows you to ride your personal vehicle at the top speed of 30 miles per hour. In most ebikes, you need to do pedaling to increase its speed. However, ebikes have a throttle assistant that enables you to boost your e-bicycle. 


Torque is the number of motor rotations that a bike performs during a ride. Most torque is a different thing as compared to speed. When we talk about the speed that means we talk about pedaling. The more you pedal the more you get speed. However, some electric bicycles have a helping feature called throttle assistance. But only the throttle is not enough for an ebike. If you want to accelerate your ebike then you need to buy an ebike with higher torque.

Riding Style:

How can a riding style affect an ebike performance? Riding style extremely matters in the performance of an ebike. When we ride any bike with speed, our bike produces power. As we travel with more speed, bikes produce power. We need to sit in a leaning position towards the handlebar. That position will not affect bike acceleration and performance. But if you sit with a straight back, bike performance gets affected and your back starts hurting. 

Differentiate Between 500 and 750 watts of Electric Bike:

I wrote about some major differences between these two ebikes, so you can easily understand their infrastructure.


A top-quality ebike with 500 watts allows a rider to cover more than 60 miles per hour with a single charge. However, a 750 watts ebike covers more than 70 miles per hour with a full charge. Check your daily distance covering requirement before purchasing an ebike. Then choose according to your needs.


A fully advanced 500 watts ebike allows you to cover a long-distance destination with the highest speed of 20 mph. A cheap electric bike with 750 watts of motor allows a biker to cover the distance with a top speed of 22 mph. But if you have a highly advanced electric motorbike then you can go at the speed of 30 mph. 


Both ebikes have lithium-ion batteries because they are strong enough to carry more electricity for a long period. They do not need frequent charging. However, the average lifespan of these batteries is between three to four years.


Tires that come with 500 watts of ebike are less wide. Afterward, those tires are also lightweight. Those ebikes are mostly suitable for city roads. However, 750w of the ebike is thick and also wider. Tires of 750 bikes allow you to easily ride your e-bike on a mountain track.


The maximum weight capacity of 500 watts of the ebike is 50 lbs. However, 750w of ebike allows you to put 70 lbs weight on it.  Make sure, if you put more weight on it then its performance gets extremely affected.


How fast could a 500 watt electric bike go if the speed limiter was removed?

When I removed the speed limit on my 500w ebike then its maximum speed increased from 20 to 23 miles per hour.

How fast could a 750 watt electric bike go if the speed limiter was removed?

Similarly, when I removed the speed limiter on my 750w ebike then it allowed me to ride it at 28 mph.

Can electric bikes go up steep hills?

Yes, you can go up steep hills on your ebike but it depends on some factors. Ebike type, engine size, gearing and battery type are those factors.

What are the classes of electric bikes?

Ebikes are classified into three classes. Class 1 ebikes have only pedals and do not contain a throttle. The speed limit is 20 mph. Class 2 ebikes have throttle and their speed is more than 20 mph. E Bikes in Class 3 have pedal assist instead of the throttle and their speed is more than 28 miles per hour. All of these ebikes are compatible with up to 750 watts of the motor.

Final Verdict:

Ebike has a massive variety and deciding among them is a difficult task. But I transform that daunting task into effortless activity. I briefly describe key features of both 500 and 750 watts of ebike. That easily distinguishes them. I also enlist some factors that you need to read. Do not forget to give your precious feedback in the comment section!

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